Community Projects

It all started while enrolling children for my school. During the home visits I got to know the children, their families and their situations. Many of them could not afford a single meal per day at home and most children come to school hungry - without even having had breakfast. 
The poverty faced by these children and families (lack of food and poor housing conditions) touched my heart and motivated me to help through community work. But there are more families in need than I was able to financially support. So I started asking friends and well-wishers to donate either on a monthly basis or for one-off needs like mattresses and beds. Luckily, we were able to support some families with chickens, goats and food at least once per month.

I am happy that for every family we can reach out to, and every item we can support with, we pave the way for them to become self-independent. But we should not forget that it is sometimes the little things that make a change: Sometimes I just talk to women who are begging on the street and are clearly in a bad condition. Women who often have young children, perhaps have been abandoned by their husbands, are fighting to survive and are missing the most basic things.